Celestial Events 2022

Dark Sky Friendly

Development of Distinction

On Jan. 11, 2021 The Galena Territory Was Named As A Dark Sky Friendly Development Of Distinction Award Recipient.
Our community is perfectly suited to represent the ideals of the International Dark Sky Association. Our community has exceptional commitment to preserve some of the darkest skies in Illinois with their environmentally responsible outdoor lighting. In addition, The Galena Territory Association has been promoting the dark sky initiative for many decades and in the past three years has been working very hard to conform to the requirements to become a certified Dark Sky Friendly Development of Distinction. 

What does this all mean: On a clear night, it seems you can reach up and touch the stars! There is absolutely no light pollution which allows you to enjoy the skies and all it has to offer. To learn more about all the celestial events for 2022 click on the LEARN MORE button below. 

Enjoy our night skies!

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