Allow our professional team building staff to customize your meeting or conference with a wide variety of team building and recreational programs. Designed to promote leadership, communication, cooperation and creative thinking, these events will enhance productivity in a fun and spirited environment.

From a Cardboard Sled Derby to Brain Buster Trivia games and a competition modeled after The Amazing Race, our activities will have everyone in your group smiling and motivated to succeed.

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Conference Events

The Amazing Race

$25 per person - $250 minimum

This event is based around the reality show The Amazing Race. This amazing adventure combines communication, planning, problem-solving and teamwork in a fun-filled race. Teams will navigate their way to checkpoints by following the clues they are given. At some of these checkpoints, teams must complete a challenge or solve a particular problem in order to receive their next clue. The last clue will direct teams to the finish line; the first team to check in will be the winner. Even if you've already done this event, we can create a new challenge for your group.

We currently offer races both onsite and throughout historic downtown Galena (transportation not included). This event can be done year round; however, participants will be outside for the majority of this event and should dress accordingly. Most teams can complete the race in one to two hours.

Bear Factory

$20 per person (per stuffed animal)

Create your very own stuffed animal at our Bear Factory. You choose and stuff your new huggable, lovable friend. Each kit includes: stuffed animal, stuffing, birth certificate, wishing star, and guardian angel bear. This is a great event for kids or kids at heart.

We can also donate the stuffed animals to Hugs Across America Inc. Hugs Across America is a non-denominational, not for profit charitable organization provides teddy bears, curricular materials, and messages of care to lessen the fear and anxiety experienced by children in crisis. All donations are made in the name of your group.


Garbage Golf

$25 per person - $250 minimum

Ever dreamed of owning and operating your own golf course? If so, Garbage Golf is for you! In this entertaining event, teams work together to design and create their own golf hole using the “garbage” supplied. Teams must be innovative and learn to share resources to create the best course. Once the hole has been designed, teams test their own hole and set the par. The entire group then has a chance to play the course and see who the best garbage golfer is. This event can take place indoors or outdoors and is great for groups of all ages. This event typically takes one to two hours.


$25 per person - $250 minimum

This is a high-tech treasure hunt in which Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are used by teams to track down treasure caches. Following an introduction to this technology, teams will be provided with coordinates to the location of several caches located around the area. The caches can contain just about anything. Some popular favorites include scenarios to act or problems to solve. However, simply getting to each location is the true challenge.

Like many of our other programs, this event can take place in a variety of locations ranging from on-site or throughout the surrounding area. Ask about winter geocaching which takes place on cross-country skis. Depending on the location, this event will take between one and two hours.

Minute to Win it

$500 per event

This event is based on the game show Minute to Win It. Members of your group will be brought forward to compete in sixty-second challenges including: Face the Cookie, Hanky Panky, Junk in the Trunk, Fish Head and many others. This event includes a live host and computer generated presentation. The game show typically lasts one hour. 

Paparazzi Bingo

$25 per person - $250 minimum

Paparazzi is a photo scavenger hunt that will definitely challenge the creativity and resourcefulness of your team. In this event, teams will be given a camera to capture news stories for our fictitious tabloid. Teams will also be challenged to produce attention-grabbing deadlines for each photo. This event can be adapted to fit many locations and can be based around any theme you desire. Paparazzi usually takes one to two hours.  

Pick - 3

$25 per person - $250 minimum

Pick – 3 is our take on some traditional team building events. In Pick – 3 you can select three different events from the pre-designed list below, or our recreation staff will work with you to customize new events to meet your group's needs. The possibilities are endless! Pick – 3 usually takes one to two hours to complete. 

  • Brain Buster Trivia
    Brain teasers are a great way to get your brain warmed up for the day. They are also a great way to kick off a meeting or event since they require a relatively low level of active participation. We strongly encourage groups with less outgoing personalities to use Brain Buster Trivia as an ice breaker.
  • The Great Potty Problem
    How could you market a load of one thousand used toilets? It's a strange question to ask, but the answers you get might be even stranger! In this short exercise, each team will have to come up with a solution to this question. Each solution will be presented to the group in a one-minute commercial.
  • The Grid
    Can your group find its way through an invisible maze? In this event, your team is challenged to do just that. There is no penalty for making a mistake, but make the same mistake twice and there will be consequences! It may sound impossible, but by using communication, decision-making and problem-solving, your team will find its way.
  • Island Hopping
    Participants are “trapped” on an island and must work together to escape by using two planks without touching the floor. This activity can only be accomplished with cooperation. Add blindfolds for a greater challenge!
  • Pipeline
    Work as a team to transfer golf balls through a suspended pipeline without dropping them. It will take quick minds and quick hands to accomplish this task. 
  • Puzzled
    Your group will be challenged with assembling a number of simple children's puzzles in five minutes or less. Sounds too easy, right? We think so; that's why there's a twist! If you're a coordinator and would really like to know, just ask.
  • The Sandlot
    Just like in the movie, The Sandlot, your team will be challenged with retrieving a baseball from the “neighbor's yard.” Your team will be given a number of unlikely items to assist you in this task. Your team must transform the items into a baseball-retrieving machine. It will take cooperation and ingenuity to accomplish the task. 
  • Tower of Power
    Tower of Power is a tower building competition. Each team will be given a bag of marshmallows and a box of toothpicks to create the highest tower possible. Teams will need steady hands to beat the competition.  

Quick Draw

$500 per event

Quick Draw is a fast-paced game modeled after Pictionary. Teams will race against the clock to draw people, places or things; however, the game can also be customized with clues specific to your organization. Teams will then go head-to-head in the Quick Draw Round. This game typically lasts one hour.   

Sporting Events

Call for exact options and pricing

We currently offer equipment, facilities and coordination for many sports. A short list includes: bean bags, bocce ball, broomball, croquet, kickball, softball, tennis, and volleyball.

Survey Says

$500 per event

How well do you know your company and co-workers? Our Survey Says game show follows the Family Feud format. We gather answers by sending a survey to your company. The results are then incorporated into our game show presentation. This event will include a live host and computer-generated presentation. This event typically lasts one hour. 

What's the Answer?

$500 per event

This game is modeled after Jeopardy. Whether to reinforce your meeting or just for fun, we can set up a game show for your group! We can even incorporate specific topics or questions into each show. This event will include a live host and computer-generated presentation. This game show typically lasts one hour.

Yak and Yoga

$45 per person, Monday - Friday

Calm your mind and strengthen your body with a combination of yoga and kayaking. Warm up with 45 minutes of yoga on the banks of Lake Galena, followed by an hour of leisurely paddling on the peaceful water. Beginners are welcome. Kayaking and yoga can be adapted to various skill levels.

Putting Tournaments

Even with four award-winning golf courses at your fingertips, sometimes there just isn't enough time in your busy conference or meeting schedule to play a full round of golf. As a result, Eagle Ridge has putting tournaments available for your group as a great alternative.

Putting Tournament Includes:

Contact the resort's tournament office at 815-777-2280 for additional information and fees.

  • The 9-hole East Course is created like a miniature golf course with trees, bunkers and other obstacles
  • Scorecards can be personalized with your company logo
  • Price for the winner of the tournament, which is included in the tournament fee

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