5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Choosing a Wedding Venue

March 26th, 2018

The ring has been placed on the finger, families have started sending you their opinions, and you’ve been clocking hours on Pinterest for inspiration. As you begin to narrow down the vision of your dream wedding, it’s time to start looking at spaces. However, it’s important to ask these 5 questions, as you begin to visit venues.
  1. Availability: The sooner you can lockdown your wedding date the better, but keep in mind, you may have to be flexible or have a range of dates in mind. Our advise - try to visit venues before you’ve chosen an exact date, as you’ll be more likely to secure the venue of your dreams.
  2. Pricing: It’s essential that you have your budget laid-out before you walk into a venue, as viewing a space without a budget range can often leave couples overwhelmed. We recommend you visit a venue with a set budget and ask the following questions:
    1. How much is the deposit? And how do you structure the payment schedule?
    2. What is included in the total? Does it cover service charges, gratuity, cleaning fees, etc.? 
    3. What is the cancellation policy, and what is the last possible date to make changes to our reservation? Also, how far in advance can we reserve our date?
    4. How many hours are included in the rental of the space? Is there an additional charge for extra hours? If so, how much? 
  3. Specifics: When visiting a venue, be as prepared as possible with specifics for your wedding, so you can inquire about requirements, such as the venue’s capacity, is there room for a DJ set-up, will a band require more space and take away from the dance floor, what’s the back-up plan for rain or other elements? It’s important that couples go into the venue with a game plan and as structured of a plan as possible, and to ask essential questions about specifications for their big day. 
  4. Logistics: There are a number of logistics to think of for your wedding, such as handicap accessibility, parking availability, and vendor vetting. Most often however, we advise couples to ask about an approved vendor list, and what those guidelines and limitations entail. You may be surprised how flexible some spaces are when it comes to preferred vendors, and how strict other venues can be. 
  5. Décor: Every couple has a unique style, but that doesn't mean that every venue can accommodate exceptionally unique requests. It’s important that couples think about décor prior to a site visit and raise questions such as, when can we start decorating? Are there decorating restrictions? What decorations does the venue provide? How many people can sit at one table? Can the centerpieces contain candles? All of these details may seem small but are very important when bringing your fairy tale wedding to life. 
No matter your wedding size, style or budget, there is a perfect space for every couple. And with a little planning and question prep, you’re sure to be on the right path to say I do in your ideal venue. 

For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding capabilities, packages and spaces, please visit our wedding page. 
-Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Team 

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