Five Essential Wedding Planning Tips

July 31st, 2018

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and often couples find it difficult to identify where they should start. This month, we’re sharing five essential wedding planning tips to help your wedding planning go as smoothly as possible.

Budget Is King: First and foremost, set a budget and stick to it. Just like any other event, you will likely find yourself wanting to incorporate add-ons closer to the big day. However, we always advise couples to make a “wish list,” and then a secondary “would like list.” Before considering anything on the “would like” list, we recommend checking off every box on your wish list that fits within budget, before considering add-ons.

Time It Out: Work with your wedding professional to develop a reasonable timeline to fit your schedule. Mapping-out due dates on a calendar (and sticking to them), will help keep your wedding on-track, your stress levels low and the feeling of being overwhelmed with last-minute tasks, at bay.

Know Your Vendors: Be diligent when hiring vendors. For example, we have a list of recommended vendors we share with our couples, such as Handpickd Florists, Unposed Photography and Special Moments Entertainment, to help with vendor vetting process. However, if you decide to seek-out vendors yourself, it’s important that you find a list of references, create a contact information sheet, and also have a back-up list of vendors, just in case. You always want to work with a trusted vendor and have them meet your timeline, as well as overcommunicate leading up to “I do.” Some of our trusted vendors share the following tips for couples to reference when vetting and getting to know their vendors:

Handpickd Floral Designs Just for You says “When selecting flowers, it is helpful to have the wedding dress and bridesmaids dress colors picked out to help with the style and design of the bouquets. From there the rest of the wedding décor falls into place with the overall look the bride envisions for her wedding.”  

UnPosed Photography says, “Your photographer is the vendor that you'll be with through most of your wedding day, so it's important to make sure you get along with them on a personal level. If you have someone following you around all day that you don't like it will show in your final images.” 

Document Everything: As noted in our last tip, overcommunicating with your vendors is key, but don’t just pick-up the phone and receive verbal confirmation - you need to develop an organized paper trail from vendor selection, to payment, to post-wedding pick-up. We recommend keeping everything in organized email folders and following-up with vendors regularly to confirm meeting times, pricing and arrival and departure times for your big day. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring a folder with confirmed vendors and agreements for your wedding expert to have on-hand and easily reference the day-of.

Have Fun: It’s your wedding! So, don’t feel like you need to be busy planning every second, of every day leading up to the BIG day. Make sure you take time for yourself, and enjoy special days with your friends and family without the stresses of wedding planning to bog you down. And don’t forget to simply relax with your significant other, after all, you’re in this together. Planning a wedding should be fun - no matter how big or small - and the memories you make leading up to the big day, are just as important as the day itself.

Is there an essential wedding tip you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!
For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding capabilities, packages and spaces, please visit our wedding page. 

-Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Team 

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