Being Sustainable

How To be Sustainable When You’re A Product Junkie
As we settle into Spring, you may be looking at your beauty products and daily wellness routine and thinking they may need a refresh. And we agree! Spring is the perfect time to review and refresh your beauty products; however, you may want to look past the surface level of your daily products and really dig into their eco footprints, ingredients, and how they are tested before making your way to your countertop. This month we’re going to share with you some details you should consider when purchasing new beauty products, as well as ways to ensure your eco footprint isn’t being weighed down by unnecessary beauty product waste.
Look Past The Labels: Beauty products produce some of the most eye-catching packaging and labels, and next to product ingredients, these eye-popping labels are a primary driver of consumer purchases. However, the next time you consider a new beauty or skincare product, we advise looking at a brand’s sustainability practices, and ask yourself, “Do they use recycled packaging?” or “Are their quality ingredients ones that reduce waste?” These are important questions to ask if you’re considering a more sustainable beauty routine, as many products, although cheaper to purchase, often contain non-sustainable ingredients and implement non-sustainable business practices that can support deforestation, habitat distribution, species engagement and more.
Reduce, Reuse Recycle: This elementary term has been in our vocabulary for generations, but the Three R’s are often overlooked when it comes to purchasing beauty products. A couple of simple ways you can update your daily products include:
Seeking refillable and recyclable, products, such as moisturizer bottles, cleansing balms, facial oils, and more.
Utilizing reusable items as opposed to disposable ones, like cotton rounds, Q-tips, makeup wipes, and washcloths or paper towels.
Actively purchase products that:
  • Are made from compostable materials
  • Utilize biodegradable packaged goods
  • Promote plastic free use, or don’t contain synthetic fillers or chemicals 
Cruelty Free Only: Since gaining a lot of momentum in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we’re pretty used to seeing beauty products proudly promoting “cruelty free” or “vegan” on their packaging. However, the term cruelty free extends beyond the use of testing of products on animals, which is why we encourage readers to research new beauty companies they want to purchase from, and specifically seek information pertaining to the company supporting programs or communities that are conducting cleanup-efforts, donating time to sustainability, or raising funds for plantings trees or local farms. In addition, when looking at ingredient labels, ensure that all products are organic – meaning they use ingredients like herbs, raw vitamins, essential oils, and more – as many synthetic or heavy chemical-based products are not only hard on the environment, but your skin as well.
If you’re considering changing-up your skincare or beauty routine, pay a visit to Stonedrift Spa and speak with our experts about ecofriendly products. We’re happy to navigate you towards a full line of sustainable, cruelty free products from our partner, Eminence. In fact, we’re celebrating Earth Day by offering 22% off Eminence products on April 22nd. All you have to do is mention “Earth” at checkout to receive the discount. And you’ll be pleased to know that Eminence plants a tree for every product sold! Additionally, we’re also offering a free brow wax with any anti-aging facial when you mention “Bloom,” the entire month of April.
Is there a sustainable beauty question you have? Not sure where to start or which sustainable products are best for your routine? Reach out to our expert team, and we’ll help guide you to a more sustainable skincare or beauty routine this Spring.
With warmth and wellness,
-Abbi Porter, Spa Director