Everything You Need to Know About Facials: The Benefits, Frequency, Skincare Routine Support and More
As the seasons begin to change and cooler temperatures settle in across the country, you may feel your skin start to change as well. From cracking lips to dry faces and everything in between, are signs it’s time to start your fall-winter skincare routine to ensure your skin is hydrated and maintains a healthy glow. This also means that you may be thinking about making an appointment with your esthetician for a seasonal facial. Whether you get facials regularly or are debating about getting one for the first time, we’re sharing everything you need to know about facials – how they support your daily skincare routine, how often you should get one, and what you should be doing at home to keep your skin glowing in between appointments.
How Facials Support Your Skin + Why Facials Are Essential to Your Skincare Routine
Just as we deep clean our homes, your skin needs deep cleaning as well. Facials provide a thorough cleaning of your skin by opening up your pores and exfoliating by removing dead skin. Additionally, facials support the skin’s natural skin rejuvenation process, which also lends to boosting skin cells and helping slow the aging process. Those who get facials regularly, will also see improved circulation, and skin tightening. In addition to the many physical benefits of facials, there are also mental benefits, including deep relaxation, and stress relief.
How Often Should You Get a Facial
There is a large debate about how often you should get facials – as it often comes down to personal preference and availability, however, most estheticians recommend getting a professional facial at least once per season (four times per year). However, if you’re looking for more frequent visits, every three to four weeks is ideal for a deep skin cleansing.
What Can You Do At Home To Keep Your Skin Healthy Between Appointments
Immediately after your facial appointment, it’s important that you remember that your pores are open, making your skin vulnerable. To ensure your skin stays healthy immediately after your facial session, but sure to avoid heat for 48hrs, don’t treat your skin with chemicals for at least 24hrs, and make sure you stay well hydrated. However, in the weeks between appointments, make sure you apply plenty of SPF, regularly change your towels (used on your face) and pillow covers, as to prevent access bacteria and dirt from clogging your pores. It’s also essential that you continue to cleanse your skin daily to maintain a healthy glow.
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With warmth and wellness,
-Abbi Porter, Spa Director