Supporting Your Golf Game

No matter the time of year, avid golfers will tell you that you need to maintain your golf game on and off the course. So, this month, we’re sharing our favorite wellness tips to help golfers maintain their game off the course: whether you’re traveling, not hitting the course for a few weeks / months, or are simply trying to find new ways to improve your game in between play, we’ve got you covered.

Stretching: Stretching is one of the most important exercises golfers can do to help keep their bodies in game-shape, as mobility and balance are key to a successful round of golf. Stretching is not only great for pre-game warmups, but also during play on the course, post-game, and the off season. Some of our favorite stretches to help maintain an exceptional golf game include:

Shoulder Rotations: you can use your golf club, a broom handle or long pole to rotate your shoulders. Keep your arms straight and raise them back and forth over your head a few times, until your shoulders feel adequately stretched and loose.
Hip Presses: are one of the most popular golf stretches. Simply position the bottom pad of your foot against your golf club or wall, lunge forward, with the weight on the pads of your feet, and tuck your pelvis inward. This stretch opens your hips and gives your calves and feet a stretch as well. Make sure to stretch both hips.

Standing Side Stretch: Standing upright, plant your golf club on the ground with one hand (or steady your hand against a wall), lift the other hand over your head, then cross one foot over the other; open your chest, and look to the sky- stretching your arm above your head. Stretch both sides before returning to a neutral position and stretching your hands over head and then to your toes. 
On-The-Go Movement: Golfing extends far and beyond cardio and stretching, as muscle and core strength are equally important. Some of our favorite full-body exercises for golfers who frequently travel or have minimal time to work-out in traditional settings include:

Split Squats / lunges: this exercise is great for mobility, stability and strength.
Push-ups: lend in helping with your overall strength and golf swing.
Seated Rotations: can help build core strength and supports full-body flexibility.  These . Hot Tip: you can use furniture to help you balance and achieve deeper mobility and stretches.
Full-body Wellness: While exercising and stretching are incredibly important in aiding to a great golf game, so is full body wellness. Like any sport, your body needs time to recover, and certain wellness treatments can target key parts of the body that are essential to your golf game. Some of our most popular body treatments for golfers are:

Deep Tissue Massages: are a great treatment following or in between rounds of golf. This massage is perfect for golfers and active individuals, as massage therapists target specific muscles that are aching or tense with deep pressure to alleviate and loosen muscles for your next round of play. Book your next deep tissue massage by visiting our webpage.

Golf Flexology: helps in pre-event massage which increases performance and may reduce the risk of injury, and improve the quality of movement. In this massage, the massage therapist focuses on the lower back, hips, shoulders, head and neck.Post-event massage relaxes muscles after activity and facilitates faster, more efficient recovery.

Foot and Hand Soaks or Manicures & Pedicures: are perfect for golfers, as your hands and feet are key parts of the body that bear the brunt of playing a round of golf. Manicures and pedicures are not only relaxing for your hands and feet, but they also remove calluses, dead skin and can alleviate blisters from a long day of play. Hand and feet soaks are also great for post-play, and can be done at a spa, at home, or while you’re on the go.

Facials: While you may not think of facials being associated with golf, we’ve found that golfers love getting facials during peak season, as their skin can become dry and irritated from being in the sun and sweating. Facials are a great way to keep your skin hydrated and clean in between play – not to mention, they’re incredibly relaxing. Check-out our list of facials and see which one is right for you. How do you maintain your golf game in between play or during the off season? We’d love to learn of your exercises, wellness treatments and more! In the meantime, enjoy 10% off our golf massage throughout the month of August. Check-out our monthly specials,  and book your golf wellness treatment today.

With warmth and wellness,
-Abbi Porter, Spa Director