Everything You Need to Know About Micro Weddings

Though 2020 has presented its fare share of obstacles, hardships, and frustrations, one thing is for sure – love always wins; and love and happiness are our focus at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa.

Though it’s true, weddings and celebrations may look a little different from this point forward, we have seen love prevail and couples persist with their 2020 and 2021 wedding plans, even if they are a little smaller than originally planned. Which is why we’re delighted to see micro weddings gaining steam. Not sure what a micro wedding entails? No problem! Our expert wedding team has you covered with the following micro wedding insights, tips, and essentials to ensure your intimate celebration has everything you need to make your “I do” dreams come true.

What Is a Micro Wedding? Traditionally, a micro wedding is a small-scale celebration that typically has 50 or fewer guests (although in 2020, we’ve seen more and more micro weddings be defined as having 20 or fewer guests), and includes a shorter ceremony and relaxed reception – if a couple has a reception at all.

What Are the Benefits of a Micro Wedding? Micro weddings are the perfect celebratory option for couples looking to keep things simple and not spend hours upon hours planning and combing through guest lists. The entire concept behind micro weddings is “the simpler the better.” Though, simple doesn’t mean that you have to cut-out all aspects of a traditional wedding.

How Much Does a Micro Wedding Cost? Cost for a micro wedding, like any wedding, completely depends on a couple’s agreed upon budget, and what elements they include in their wedding celebrations. We’ve seen couples spend as little as $2,000 for 20 or fewer guests, and as much as $10,000 for a guest list of 50 or fewer guests. Like traditional wedding planning, budget is essential, as are the number of guests and unique elements you want to include – from a traditional or non-traditional ceremony, to hotel or resort stays, to sit-down meals, and beyond – couples still need to have a plan, a budget and theme / vision for their special day, whether they host a micro wedding, or not.

Where Can I Host My Micro Wedding? That’s the beauty of a micro wedding, you can host your event anywhere… and we mean anywhere! From your backyard, to a grassy field, to a hot air balloon, or a traditional resort, like Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa – there are no limits where you can host your micro wedding, and with the flexibility of keeping your micro wedding local or at a destination, it’s often easier to coordinate details with your intimate guest list.

What do I have to “Sacrifice” for a Micro Wedding? Surprisingly, not much! Truly, the biggest “sacrifice” you must make is pairing down your guest list to 50 or fewer people – which we understand may be difficult for some couples. However, a micro wedding doesn’t mean that you have to forgo a traditional wedding dress, not have attendants or skip a reception, it simply means that whatever you do, it will be more intimate, and sometimes more affordable, as the guest list is smaller than most traditional weddings.

How Can I Make My Micro Wedding Stand Out? This completely depends on your personal preferences. We’ve seen couples hosts an elaborate dinner for their guests, treat wedding parties to hot air balloon rides, and create fun themes such as “Harry Potter,” for their guests to participate in. These are all things that couples must decide together, but the bottom line is that micro weddings can allow couples to indulge in unique activities that they may not of otherwise been able to do with a traditional wedding.

No matter the size of your micro wedding – five to fifty guests – couples need to make the celebration their own, and see their vision through to, “I do.” And micro weddings can be a more affordable way for couples to flex their creative muscles and think outside the box when it comes to celebrating their big day in a more intimate way.

For more information on how Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa can help plan your perfect micro wedding, please visit our wedding page to get inspired, and started on your path to happily ever after.

With Love and Well Wishes,

-Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa Wedding Team