Going Wild

If you’re a couple or event planner looking to incorporate more green / forest / nature elements into your wedding ceremony, reception, or big event, you’ve come to the right place for ideas!
Leafy Greens: We’ve seen iris, olive branches and pine deck the halls of our wedding spaces in the past. However, in recent years we’ve seen couples bring massive palms, banana leaves and succulents into our spaces – and we love the effect! Adding large, leafy greenery, such as banana or palm leaves into your décor is a unique way to bring more ‘green’ to your big day. We especially love seeing these rainforest-like branches and leaves hanging from trellises, used in table settings, and of course as centerpieces. We’ve also seen exotic, tropical flowers such as amaryllis accent reception halls, and the vibrant pops of color are stunning!  

Foggy Effects: Including fog machines in a wedding or event is not necessarily a “new” trend, but one we’re seeing used in different ways. For example, we’re seeing fog machines create an elegant, mystic effect for couples walking down the aisle or individuals making their ‘big entrance’ at events. Picture a special someone emerging from the fog at the back of the room, and then walking down a misty isle to their wedding ceremony or event. It’s truly something to see! We’ve also seen fog machines being used on the dance floor for an extra fun effect for guests to enjoy while getting down to their favorite songs. 

Fire” Lighting: You name a lighting effect, we’ve seen it – and they’re all beautiful! However, lighting trees with warm-toned string lights for an outdoor wedding, or only having your reception all decked-out in warm tea lights and greenery, gives any wedding or event a whimsical, fairy-like feeling that’s nothing like you’ve experienced before. We’re also fans of faux fire candles, as they still provide an intimate flickering effect, without the worries of live fire on a table setting or in an outdoor space. 

Wood Elements: Natural wood elements have been on-trend for a few years now. Everything from natural, wooden tabletops, to wooden branch centerpieces, to modest cakes and serving platters designed to look like tree trunks, bark and more. At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we’re surrounded by nature, so incorporating natural elements into weddings and events is one of our specialties, and we love when couples and event planners make this décor request. 

There are endless ways to incorporate nature into your wedding or next event, and our expert team is here and waiting to be challenged with your unique ideas to bring natural elements to your big day.

For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding and event capabilities, packages, and spaces, please visit our wedding page. 

- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team