Have You Considered A May Wedding?

May is one of the best months to get married. The weather is mild, nature is coming into bloom, there are few holidays, and you’re ahead of the summer wedding rush. At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we love May weddings and are taking time this month to convince you to plan your wedding for May.
Ideal Timing for Everything: May weddings are ideal for so many reasons – there are few holidays to compete with your big day, traveling is a breeze as there are few weather elements to delay travels, and the weather is mild. As there are few holidays and the weather is more cooperative, there’s a greater likelihood that most of your guests will be able to attend and help celebrate your big day. Is there a better recipe for an ideal wedding month? We’ll add some icing to the cake by noting that photographers love Spring weddings, as natural light is beginning to peak, making for stunning wedding day photos.  
Abundant Food & Flowers: Everything is in bloom in May, and we don’t just mean flowers. It’s true, there is a bountiful selection of flowers – everything from anemones, to carnations, to lilac, tulips, orchids and beyond. However, what you may not have thought of as being in “bloom” during the month of May is food. That’s right, there are so many fresh fruits and vegetables that come into season during the month of May that are perfect to serve your guests. Some of our favorites include broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cherries, citrus, green beans, grapes, lemons and limes, mushrooms, papaya, pineapple… the list goes on! With all of the fresh flowers and produce available during the month of May, you’re sure to have a beautiful floral arrangement, in addition to flavorful, bright plates of fresh food to serve your guests.  
Celebrities Love May, So Should You: These are more fun facts than anything, but hey! Maybe you love celebrity couples and you want to align your wedding with one of your favorite start-studded duos. Some celebrity couples that tied the knot in May include:
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Jane Lynch & Lara Embry
Pippa Middleton & James Matthews
Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West (sadly, some good things must come to an end)
Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber 

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa: OK, we know; this is kind of a selfish ‘plug,’ but can you blame us? Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is glowing during the month of May. Our natural surroundings are lush and vibrant green, and the flowers are in full bloom. Plus, we have countless options for every wedding couple and budget when it comes to choosing the perfect space and food to host your big day. Furthermore, our newly opened, modern spa is a luxurious way for wedding parties and guests to treat themselves. Not to mention, Stonedrift Spa has a new bridal suite for brides’ and their wedding party to gather and get ready together before walking down the aisle. You can learn all about Eagle Ridge’s wedding enhancements packages, including Spa treatments by clicking here.
So what are you waiting for? Let Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa plan your May wedding today! Our wedding team is waiting and ready to help you bring your dream Spring wedding to life & for a limited time, the resort’s Winter Wedding Package will apply to May 2023.
Learn about all that Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa has to offer for your big day, including capabilities, packages, spaces and more by visiting our wedding page, or by calling 815.777.5000, to arrange a meeting with one of our bridal experts.
- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team