Light It Up

Light It Up:

Discover Different Moods with Diverse Lighting At Your Next Event, or Wedding
When it comes to planning an event or wedding, lighting may not be top of mind for most. However, lighting can set the mood for an event, and influences your event more than you may think. At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we love exploring unique ways couples and hosts can take their events to the next level with lighting. Below are some of our favorite lighting options for you to consider for your next event.
Bistro Lights: String lights, or bistro lights, are an affordable and brilliant way to transform any wedding or event space. With a variety of illuminating options – warm, colored, LED, etc. – and ways to stylize the lighting, you can create a specific mood to fit your wedding or event vision. Some of our favorite ways to stylize bistro lights at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa are to wrap them around rafters or beams, use them as backdrops at wedding ceremonies or receptions, strung above outdoor tables (or in tents), or create an illusion of a tent with the lights strung and stretched from the middle of a pole or tree. No matter your budget or style, bistro lights are a classic and affordable option to light your event or wedding.
Candles & Chandeliers: Candles and chandeliers are some of the most popular options for intimate events and couples saying, “I do.” What makes candles truly special at any event is “the look.” You can dress candles up by having a variety of sizes and shapes to compliment flowers and other décor or keep them simple in classic tea-candle form, or floating in water with flower petals. We particularly love how candles transform a space in the moment, but also carry “the look” or mood of an event through post-event photos. In addition to candles, chandeliers have become incredibly popular at weddings and events. We love decorating our in-house chandeliers because they can be stylized in very diverse ways. One of our favorite ways to decorate chandeliers is to incorporate nature, especially with evergreen branches, leaves, and flowers. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern look, chandeliers can be a fantastic focal point for your event.
Up Lighting: We can’t say enough about the most classic form of event lighting (aside from candles) – up lighting. Up lighting can take any event to the next level and bring bright energy to a room. Whether couples are looking for elegant or dramatic tones for their wedding, up lighting can create the ideal setting to align with their theme or preferences. In addition to creating the perfect mood, up lighting can also be a point of interest and help guide guests to specific areas of an event, such as a reception area, buffet table or stage. We also love the effect up lighting has in photos, as bright focal points can elevate what may be an ordinary moment to an extraordinary one.

Lighting is a really fun way to help shape the mood and energy of your event, and our expert team at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa looks forward to helping make your wedding or next event an exceptional one.

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- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team