Unique Trends

Grab Your Mother’s Pearls, Order the Big Cake and Get Your Dopamine Dress; 2022 Wedding Season is here!

Wedding season 2022 is in full force, and we are already seeing some unique trends pop-up – from vintage jewelry to the comeback of lavish cakes, to trendy dopamine dresses – there’s no shortage of ideas for couples and traditional brides this year.
Lavish Cakes: The last few years have been driven by minimalism – naked cakes, simple décor, and muted colors – however, in 2022, couples are reinstating over-the-top wedding décor and themes, including cakes. At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we’re seeing five-tier, lavishly decorated cakes being rolled into our event halls; including cakes with large floral displays, intricate piping, and of course elegant cake toppers. As the saying goes, “let them eat cake!” and in 2022, large, luxurious cakes will be king!
Mother’s Pearls: Something new, something barrowed, something pearl? We’re thrilled to see pearls making a comeback with couples saying, “I do.” From subtle pearl bracelets to pearl-accented boutonnieres and veils, to traditional strings of pearls and even pearl chandeliers, couples are finding unique and traditional ways to incorporate these delicate iridescent pieces into their big day.
Dopamine Dresses and Outfits: We scratched our heads as well when we first heard the term ‘dopamine dress,’ which have become famous on TikTok. However, we are in love with this new-age bridal trend. So, what is a dopamine dress or dressing? Simply put, it’s a wedding dress or outfit that is accented with a bold color. For those in the fashion industry however, they consider dopamine dressing as a “love letter to color,” and we think this is an incredible way to integrate your favorite color into wedding dresses and outfits. From gradient dresses to fuchsia outfits, and electric blue tulle, these brightly colored dressings are a trendy way to bring unique pops of color to your wedding day, and we can’t wait to see how creative couples get with this new-age trend.
Will you be incorporating a lavish wedding cake, pearls, or dopamine dressing into your big day? Why or why not? We’d love to hear what trends you plan to capitalize on for your big day.
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- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team