Unique Ways To Include Nature In Your Wedding

At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature backdrops in the Midwest – from rolling hills, to lush greenery, to vibrant trees and tall grasses – we’re fortunate enough to be inspired by our natural surroundings each day. So, this month, we’re sharing some unique ways couples can incorporate nature into their wedding and wedding photos no matter the season or weather.
Forage Your Décor: Nature is so inspirational at every turn – from the succulents in your home, to the garden by the curb, to the vast greenery nestled into the countryside. Our team recommends drawing inspiration from your natural surroundings no matter the time of year and start noting your favorite things and include them in your big day. From green or floral head crows for your wedding party, to pinecones and baby’s breath for groomsmen’s boutonnieres, to floating roses and daises for your centerpieces, nature can be included in every aspect of your big day regardless of the season or weather.
Flower, Green and Water Walls: There’s no doubt that photo opportunities are a highlight of any wedding; and while photobooths can be really fun, they’re not the best option for large group photos. Our team recommends couples considering a “wall” made of flowers or greenery for unique photo opportunities, which can also be used as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony!
For couples who love nature, having an outdoor wedding on a lake, in front of waterfalls, or in the middle of lush green field may be a great option for you, as nature is your natural backdrop! And the best news is, Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa has all of the above outdoor options for you, and more, and our expert team can help ensure your floral or green wall are perfect for your big day. Outdoor lovers, just be prepared for all types of weather if you plan to say “I do” outside (and see our next tip to be prepared for any weather nature brings to your big day).
Weather Accessories: For couples committed to having an outdoor wedding, it’s best to be prepared for all weather conditions for any given season. However, rain, snow, or blistering heat shouldn’t put extra stress on your big day; instead, embrace the elements by being prepared and arming yourselves and guests with unique weather-proof accessories. Worried about rain? Have umbrellas and ponchos ready for guests! These grab-and-go accessories are easily found and are a great stress reliever for anxious guests when it comes to rainy conditions.
Thinking about an outdoor fall or winter wedding? That’s cool. Consider setting blankets on guests’ chairs for warmth, as well as scarves and gloves. Not only will these accessories keep guests warm, but they make for cute group photos as well.
Most couples hope for sunshine and clear skies on their wedding day; however, clear skies and bright sun can mean a lot of heat. Our team recommends tenting your ceremony when possible, but if you’re adamant about embracing an open-air or outdoor space, consider purchasing neon sunglasses, travel-sized sunblock, and fans for guests to utilize while outdoors.
The best part about weather accessories, is that you can have everything customized to your big day – colors, logos, favorite sayings, sizes, etc. – and have these items be takeaway gifts for your guests!
Green Wedding Favors and Mementos: If weather accessories aren’t your thing, there are a number of unique nature-themed wedding favors and mementos to keep your ‘green heart’ happy, and your guests smiling. Some of our favorite nature-themed wedding favors and mementos include:

Succulents and air plants – make a fun parting gift for guests, and you can customize the petite pots to match your big day. We’ve also seen succulents and their pots utilized as place card holders and wedding favors – we love a dual-purposed accessory! 

Tree Circle Boards – Couples can utilize circular wooden or tree-ring boards to have wedding guests write well wishes on. This is a unique twist to the traditional wedding board with a photo in the middle, and we love it! 

Seeding Your Love – customized plant, flower or vegetable seeds are also growing in popularity among nature-minded couples. We’re big fans of the “Take one (seed packet) and watch love grow,” theme, especially since we’re “plant parents” ourselves. 
No matter how you plan to incorporate nature into you big day, our team of expert wedding and event planners are here to help bring your ‘green’ dreams to life.
For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding and event capabilities, packages, and spaces, please visit our wedding page.