Vintage Decor'

At Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, we’re always excited when couples come to us with unique or authentic requests – we’re not afraid of a challenge! However, a favorite, low-key industry trend we’ve seen in recent months, is couples incorporating new-age vintage materials and furniture into their weddings. You’ve likely seen couples driving away in vintage cars, or perhaps having a “Great Gatsby” theme, but this month, we’re going to share some other unique ways modern couples can integrate vintage elements into their wedding receptions.
Décor and Accessories: Let’s talk décor. When styling your wedding, you may not immediately think to use old whisky, wine, and milk bottles, but these are easy ways for you to bring vintage elements into your big day. Vintage bottles are an easy, affordable, and unique way for couples to showcase their flowers, candle sticks and more. We’ve also seen couples use larger vintage bottles – like wine bottles – to serve water at reception tables and hold place cards and table numbers. And as vintage bottles often come in a variety of colors, it’s easy to match different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your overall color scheme and theme.
Furniture: Between taste testing and coordinating RSVP’s, furniture selection is not always top of mind – and we get it! However, selecting a few vintage pieces of furniture to compliment your happy hour staging area or reception is a great way to give your reception a rich, functional look, without breaking the bank. Some of our favorite vintage looks come in the form of bright, bold chaises, velvet couches, and high-back chairs. The best part is, not only is the furniture practical – providing additional seating options for guests – but couples can easily style these pieces with flowers, surround them with candles, or leave them as standalone areas for guests to take photos on or by. Our advice? Ditch the 20’s-themed photobooth and rent a couple of stand-out vintage couches, chairs or side tables, and a standing ring-light, for your guests to pose and take by. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.
Dinnerware: Dinnerware is an easy way for couples to incorporate vintage flare into their modern wedding. We recommend using as many of the dinnerware pieces provided by your venue as possible, and then accessorizing with flatware, or a vintage plate, saucer, or glass to compliment your reception tables. From delicate pearled plates to gold-rimmed saucers and teacups, to floral dessert plates and silver flatware, there are endless ways to include vintage dinnerware or flatware into your wedding reception.
Family Heirlooms: When including vintage accents into your wedding, the best resources may come from family and friends, or in the form of family heirlooms. We’ve seen couples find breathtaking chandeliers to hang in their reception halls, restored phonographs (or gramophones) be used for happy hour music and gift table accessories, and even vintage photos from great grandparents be styled near wedding books and card boxes. However, if you’re looking to keep your vintage accessories simple, it may be worth seeing if family or friends have a large gold picture frame that you can use for “framed” photos, as opposed to popular Instagram cut-outs. On that note, we still don’t consider Polaroid’s “vintage,” but they are a fun way for guests to take photos throughout the evening and take home or share with you as keepsakes.
How do you plan on incorporating vintage accessories into your big day? We’d love to hear from you, as our team of expert wedding and event planners are here to help bring your vintage wedding reception to life.
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- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team