Wedding Box

What's A Wedding Box?

There are a million little details that go into planning your wedding day. So, wouldn’t it be nice if we shared one little detail you can consider eliminating on your big day? Well, you’re in luck! As we’re saying toss the wedding favors and swap them for intimate wedding boxes for select guests instead.
Wedding favors have long been a debate among couples getting married, but they don’t have to be. So why do some people insist on giving wedding favors? One word: Tradition. The tradition of giving wedding favors dates back to Europe in the 16th century, when prominent members of society offered gifts of perfume, pastries (and sometimes more elaborate gifts) to guests that had often traveled for days or weeks to attend the festivities. However, modern day weddings don’t typically require lengthy travel times. So, if you’re considering not giving wedding favors to everyone, why gift a wedding box to certain guests? We’ve answered all of your wedding box questions below.
What is a Wedding Box? A special gift, typically boxed, to give to select family and friends attending your wedding. A wedding box can be for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents of couples, and/or select family and friends. The idea is that a select few people receive a wedding box filled with goodies (we’ll get to specifics below), to thank them for: attending your day, the help they may have provided leading up to your wedding day, for participating in your wedding, for traveling great distances to attend your wedding, or simply as a gesture of general thanks for their continued love and support. Wedding boxes are typically gifted around the time of a rehearsal dinner, or the evening before the wedding.
Who Gets a Wedding Box? The simple answer is, a wedding box can be given to anyone you choose; however, they are typically gifted to select friends, family and wedding party members for their love, support and help or guidance leading up to, or on our wedding day. Ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to who receives a specialty curated wedding box.
What’s Included in a Wedding Box? Again, what’s inside of your wedding box is up to you and can be curated anyway you’d like. If you’re giving a wedding box to a group of men (groomsmen, long-time friends, close relatives), you may consider filling a box with snacks, “liquid courage,” a handkerchief or pocket square, cufflinks, sunglasses, etc. For ladies, common wedding box goodies include candles, tissues, lotion, snacks, custom wine or champagne glasses, and more. Family members receiving wedding boxes are gifted a variety of items, including snacks, waters, champagne splits, and tissues; typically anything to make their stays more comfortable and participation acknowledged.
What are your thoughts on the wedding box for select guests vs. wedding favors for all guests? We’d love to hear your ideas and plans for your big day! 

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- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team