wedding Trends 2022

Every year our inboxes are inundated with trends – from best dresses and floral arrangements to bachelor parties, décor and cakes, and everything in between – and we agree, it can be very overwhelming when you start planning your wedding. So, to help break through the clutter, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite trends for the upcoming year, including décor, invitations, unique themes and more.
Balloon Décor: Balloons are hot, hot, hot! And for good reason. Balloons are a versatile, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be installed and utilized in nearly every way imaginable. Some unique things we’ve seen done with balloons are balloon garland, balloon walls, brides carrying a train of balloons behind them, and rooms filled with floating, strung balloons for a grand reception entrance. One particular trend we really love, is when colored tule is wrapped around balloons to give a party a more “chic” feeling.

Weekday Weddings: While the pandemic may have given us many things – some of which we welcome, and others not-so-much – it gave couples the freedom to have more choices when picking their wedding date, including weekday weddings. Weekday weddings became popular in 2021, and experts say 2022 will be the year of weekday weddings, given peoples more flexible schedules and work-from-home models. However, the best perk to weekday weddings is that most venues often have a lower event rate during the week, which is appealing to young couples and couples looking for more budget-friendly options when planning their big day.

E-invites: On the eco-friendly side of wedding and planning, invitations are rapidly becoming electronic. From save the date announcements, to showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and formal wedding invitations, electronic or evites, are going to be the norm. And this makes sense to us! Not only are evites ecofriendly, but there are also a variety of platforms, such as Paperless Post, that help design your invites, as well as keep your guest lists organized and the day’s festivities clearly communicated. Additionally, should you need to cancel or postpone your big day for any reason, electronic invites are a timely and affordable way to let your guests know of the change of plans, without delay.

Celestial Celebrations: Celestial celebrations are a new age trend that are whimsical and bring next level “aww” to your wedding. But what is a celestial celebration or wedding? Celestial weddings are commonly accompanied with a décor or aesthetic inspired by astronomy, stars, and the sky, and have become a staple for couples who want a romantic-boho vibe for their special day. We especially love Celestial weddings and events at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, as The Galena Territory is internationally recognized by the Dark-Sky Association – making it the ideal Celestial celebration location in the Midwest!

Is there a wedding trend that you’re looking forward to embracing for your wedding day? We’d love to learn about it!
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- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team