Weekend Wedding Celebrations

Wedding Celebrations and Activities for Your Guests

In our last two blog posts, we mentioned how 2022 is the year of over-the-top weddings – from lavish cakes to unique dresses, to show-stopping décor, weddings are back and bigger than ever, which may mean extended wedding weekends for guests.
In many cultures, it’s common for multi-day wedding celebrations to take place. However, following the “wedding pause” of 2020 and 2021, couples are looking to take their wedding celebrations up a notch by hosting multi-day, or long weekend wedding celebrations. This year, we’ve seen couples book pre-wedding dinners, mimosa brunches, post-wedding boating excursions and more.

So, this month we are sharing some of our favorite multi-day wedding celebration ideas for couples to keep their guests entertained for days.  
Nature and Nurture: Reconnecting with nature and nurturing the body is a great way to welcome and entertain guests during a weekend wedding celebration. Some simple ways to do this include outlining local nature hikes, arranging horse riding tours, coordinating yoga and meditation classes, or spending a day at the spa immersing into complete relaxation. Guests will not only appreciate the effort, but also find it much easier to decompress and enjoy the weekend without a lot of hustle and bustle before you say, “I do.”   

Round Up and Tee Off: Coordinating group activities can be really fun for hyper organized couples who love to stay active and socialize. We recommend gathering your family friends together for a wedding golf “tournament.” This is a great opportunity for everyone to kick-back and socialize, while also participating in some competitive fun on the links. However, if golfing isn’t for you, perhaps renting a boat (or a couple of smaller boats) is! Boat rentals are really popular and affordable for couples looking to take their wedding guests outside for a day (or evening) of relaxation and fun.  

Out of This World Views: Maybe doing something really unique or over-the-top is more your style. For couples looking to take their wedding weekends to new heights, we suggest renting a couple of hot air balloons for your closet family and friends, as it’s sure to leave everyone in awe, and have a special memory to talk about for years to come following your wedding weekend. But if ballooning isn’t the ideal fit, maybe an out-of-this-world experience, such as star gazing is? There are hundreds of certified star gazing locations around the world (Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in The Galena Territory being one of them!) for couples to take advantage of; and all you need are a couple of telescopes (most certified locations offer them, including Eagle Ridge), and a guidebook, or possibly (hire) a local astronomer, to see our stunning universe with your family and friends.

Cheers to That: Sometimes the simplest activities and gestures are all you need to engage your wedding guests for the weekend. For couples looking to keep guests entertained, but not break the bank, we recommend hosting mimosa brunches, whiskey or beer tastings by a bon fire, micro wine dinners (small plates with paired wines), and karaoke sing-offs. There’s no better way to keep everyone happy and engaged than making memories over good food, and good drinks, among great company.

However, maybe you’re the type of couple that wants to do it all, and we fully support that. In fact, all of the activities noted above and more, are available to couples and guests at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa! As we plan multi-day weddings regularly, we’d love to learn of your ideas for your multi-day wedding and would be honored to help plan your long weekend celebration.
For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding and event capabilities, packages, and spaces, please visit our wedding page. 

- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team