Creating Instagram Spaces

Creating The Perfect Instagram Space

Photography has been at the center of weddings and events since Polaroids and disposable cameras were placed at the helm of guests’ dinner tables. And now with Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok not only replacing tangible photos, but elevating what’s “worthy” of posting, photography and photography set-ups are even more important for couples. This month, we’re sharing tips on how to create an Instagram worthy space at your wedding that will take your professional and amateur photos to the next level.
Staging Areas: As we mentioned in our “vintage décor” post, staging areas that include interesting furniture set-ups, back-drops, step-and-repeats, and more, are ideal ways to ensure you have show-stopping photos – professional photography or otherwise. We’ve seen a number of couples at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa utilize our event spaces in unique ways to stage photography areas. From including unique pieces of furniture, to floral and green walls, to lighting our spaces and outdoor areas with unique color schemes and designs, we’re thrilled to help couples bring their staging areas to life so they can capture awe-striking moments on their big day.
Backdrops and Props: Backdrops and props are the most common ways couples help take their staging areas to the next level. Some of our favorite displays include elaborate floral walls – we’ve seen them made with real and artificial flowers – and green walls with a bright mix of palms, babies’ breath, ivory and even succulents! However, we’ve also seen couples steer away from “nature” walls, and enhance the beautiful, natural surroundings of the resort with carefully curated lighting. Many couples have created “light” walls with cascading string lights, have strung lights in unique ways inside and out of our event tents, and have utilized up lighting to create colorful backdrops for their special days. In addition to stunning backdrops, props are also a fun way to create memories – from faux mustaches to glasses and top hats, to boas and frame cutouts – there are endless ways to enhance your backdrops and staging areas.
Photobooths, Stop-Motion Cameras, Ring Lights: Professional photographers will capture the essential moments of your big day, but having photography options for you and your guests are great ways to make lasting memories. Some of the most popular non-professional photography options we’ve seen for weddings include renting a photobooth with custom prints (e.g. a photo surrounded with your wedding date or married name, e.g. “The Smiths 12.12.2021”), stop-motion cameras that provide a 360 stop-go gif that can be emailed to you and your friends, and bright ring lights to ensure everyone looks flawless, no matter the space.
No matter how you choose to create an “Instagram worthy” space at your wedding, there are countless options and price points to fit every style and budget, and our team is here to help you every step of the way!
For more ideas, information or to learn about Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa’s wedding and event capabilities, packages, and spaces, please visit our wedding page. 

- Your Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa Wedding Team