Nordic Center

The Nordic Center

Opening late November early December weather permitting

Visit our Winter at Eagle Ridge page to find more information about upcoming Winter events at our Nordic Center and in Galena.

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is excited to announce that our Nordic Center has moved to the Highlands Restaurant Complex and the General Golf Course. The Nordic Center will open when the weather permits. All Eagle Ridge members and guests can participate in a variety of winter activities including:

  • Ice skating on our new ice rink located on the upper parking lot of the General golf course.
  • Exploring miles of snowshoeing trails
  • Sledding down our signature 10th hole of the General Golf course.
  • The General Pro Shop will be our new Nordic Center Shop for winter apparel and for renting the following:
    • Ice skates
    • Sleds
    • Snowshoes
  • Food and beverage will be available at the Clubhouse Grill
  • The Nordic Center will be open from 9am-4pm weather permitting.


  • Sled Rentals: $12/person/hour
  • Adult Skate Rental: $15/person/hour
  • Kids Skate Rental: $15/person/hour
  • Adult Snowshoe Rental: $20/person/4-hour maximum
  • Kids Snowshoe Rental: $20/person/4-hour maximum